So you want to know more about Bogotá

Bouncing around the internet I found this channel run by the Secretary of Culture, Sports, and Recreation all about Bogotá; architecture, art, what-have-you. It’s around 100 videos on things from Biblioteca Nacional to our man Gaitán, so should be some good stuff. It is all in Spanish, like most information about Colombia, so sorry for those of you not on the language learning wagon. (edit: I wanted to mention, for those on the wagon or looking to get on, BBC has a cool page that includes a free 12 week starter course and, if you’re a bit beyond that, various other resources)

Aahm yeah. There was something I was going to write about but it has completely escaped me. Well I should mention the Transmilenio; seems like the attack may have been planned by a political party who does not want the Transmi running, which would explain why they did not do a sit-in or something more reasonable. It is kind of hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that so many people take the Transmi, need to take it, but don’t like it. Yeah it’s not my favorite either, but it’s faster and more regular than busetas when you’re in a hurry and I can’t walk everywhere. And it is definitely better than nothing! It has things that can be fixed, sure, but removing it entirely seems like a terrible idea because all those people will have to go somewhere and traffic is already bad at rush hour. It’s running for now, but who knows I guess. El Tiempo says things about it still every now and then, most recently that they are planning to finish the part in Soacha, which is good because it’s taken 5 years!

It is lunch time, gonna go investigate our local place since it has stopped raining. (for now, abril llueve mil)


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