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Fiesta del Libro y la Rosa/Día de San Jorge/World Book Day!

I know I just wrote a post about an author, but let’s say it was because I was gearing up for World Book Day! Besides, as books are near-and-dear to my heart it’s not like I can talk about them … Continue reading

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Fermented Sunday: Chicha and Masato

Home brewing in Colombia is not part of some increasingly popular hipster trend, it’s really more common and related to indigenous culture. There are three fermented drinks which I’m familiar with: chicha, champús, and masato. Chicha has different varieties depending … Continue reading

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Romantics 102: Pablo Neruda

Incase you skipped last class, Romantics 101 is music-centric. While I always hear people posit French or Spanish as the most romantic language, I don’t think I ever fully grasped what people saw in Spanish until I encountered Neruda’s poetry. … Continue reading

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Music Monday: Bedtime!

So everyday in the evening, I want to say at 9*, TV stations play a song to remind children to go to bed, desenchufate! It tells of all the unenjoyable consequences of not getting enough sleep. (*We have no TV … Continue reading

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Friday Special: Cartagena, Obama, and a donkey

The Summit of the the Americas (Cumbre de las Américas) is upon us (April 14-15). For those of you not too familiar with this event it’s when all the presidents of the Americas meet up to “solve” the problems that plague … Continue reading

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Moving to a Parallel Universe

Sorry I missed music Monday, I’ve been apartment hunting and living on my friend’s couch so a little distracted and reverse culture shocked. Today I did find a place though (!) and in some ways it doesn’t feel like I … Continue reading

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Fruit Friday: Borojó

I’ve been meaning to write this Fruit Friday for a week now, but as you read I had midterms and such. Borojó is a fruit from the tropical rain forest of western Colombia, i.e., el Chocó. Here is a map … Continue reading

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