There isn’t a word for it

Spanish has so many great condensed verbs. There’s descalzarse – to take your shoes off, madrugarse – to wake up early, and even despedir – to say goodbye; which is what I’ve come to do today.

Don’t Give Papaya has become more than I ever imagined, as you can probably tell from my bright-eyed and naive first post, and I finally understand the appeal of blogging into the abyss of the internet. Nonetheless, as much as it pains me, for various personal reasons I am going to have to let it go. I will still leave myself attached to it incase someone comments on an old post of mine or asks a question, but otherwise I will not be around.

Still, if you’ve grown attached, you can find me on Things I Drew While You Were Talking, which I will now have more time for (and as you can probably tell it needs it). I don’t imagine I’ll be sharing as much of my Spanish adventures there but you should check out vocabat for that anyway. Just starting up there is also Dinner Date with Syd and Lorena, a very different blog of mine that you might also investigate. And thanks again to the people reaching out to me in L.A., we should start a conversation club!

take care of yourselves/cuidate,  Syd

p.s. I really wanted to do a horchata post, but it was just not meant to be I guess. Still, here is the recipe I started with.


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