Fish and Bombs

Yesterday was Tuesday and I like to have a good lunch on Tuesdays because I have class in the afternoon from 2-5. So a friend and I went to a restaurant near the university called Quilichao and this place is pretty amazing. Their lunch consists of the most delicious and thick fish broth, fried mojarra (river fish), coconut rice, fried plantain, and cold aguapanela (that unrefined whole-cane sugar I keep talking about, but this time melted in water and lemon juice then chilled). A meal fit for a Tuesday indeed.

As we were leaving the university we noticed some encapuchados (hooded mamertos) gathering rocks, which meant there was going to be a pedrea (rock throwing conflict) later. The main gate from Avenida 26 was also closed because of the encapuchados, but we were able to get out through the vehicle one close by. We entered the restaurant, which is only about a block away from the university, and as our food arrived we saw the disturbance police stealthily walk towards the university and throw some tear gas. The restaurant closed their door so the gas wouldn’t get in and we kept eating peacefully. Some potato bombs went off, but that didn’t distract us from our delicious meal, which due to the disturbance and the gate being closed included an extra fried fish.

As I sat there eating I could only think that any foreign exchange student would at the least have some pretty cool stories to take back home. It’s not everyday that you get to have such a delicious meal with tear gas being thrown outside, a rock fight and bombs going off. It seems that the mamertos have taken Tuesday now as their official disturbance day—it’s the second week that I haven’t had my Aristotle class. The only bad thing was the tear gas in the street after we finished. I’d never encountered it, it’s pretty gross and irritates your eyes a lot.

If you ever have the chance to come to Bogotá and are in the mood for some fish I fully recommend this restaurant. They even have a website.

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2 Responses to Fish and Bombs

  1. vocabat says:

    Wow, their website even talks and sings. Nice. I love every single thing you listed above! Especially the coconut rice (I remember the recipe you guys shared ;) ) and the cold aguapanela. Gotta recreate it all some day, look for recipes.

    • Manu says:

      Thanks :) You could totally try making the aguapanela. I used to find panela at the supermarket in Portland. It’s so easy, you melt about half a pound of panela in a pot of water and add lemon juice to taste. I use to keep it in my fridge. Refreshing.

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