Music Monday: Bomba Estéreo

Bleehh it’s been all rainy recently. Really mainly in the afternoons, but still kind of a drag. (How did I live in Portland? Well ok, I like rain, just not when I need to do things) I still managed to go out and find this quality piece on Sunday though:


Ridiculous. (We also have one that goes from two tigers to an elk, but I clearly needed one to take back with me.) I also saw a sign for a Bomba Estéreo concert next Thursday and thought, “man, I gotta write Music Monday, but I think I already wrote about them.” Turns out I was wrong, so I will introduce you to them now! (and if you dig and are in Bogotá, the show is only 30.000. They were also at SXSW, but I bet it cost more.)

They are from Bogotá and formed in 2001 with a sound they describe as “Electro Tropical” (very Cumbia). They’ve been very successful and were even named one of the 25  best new bands in the world by MTV.

Fuego is the first song of theirs I encountered, and for some reason I did not think they were Colombian—obviously I missed the mochilla and sombrero vueltiao shots. Their song Niña Rica is of a similar sound. Cosita Rica is a bit more mellow, and as one commenter put it, “Sensual sin necesidad de ser burda ni irrespetar a la mujer…” which is always nice right.

They also have some acoustic recordings that are good for putzing around inside: El Alma y El Cuerpo and Pa’ Respirar. (both filmed in Bogotá)

Hope your week is off to a good start! Also, Happy St. Joseph’s Day! (yep, legit holiday here, incase you just can’t make it until Semana Santa)


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