Movie Monday: Argentina and Maids

I’ve been letting Pandora do all my DJing recently so I haven’t been keeping an eye out for new music. So, another movie post for you instead!

I just watched two movies that both coincidentally take place in Argentina and have a maid as a central character: Cama Adentro (Live-in Maid) and El Niño Pez (The Fish Child). 

Cama Adentro (trailer) is about the relationship between Señora Beba, a wealthy older woman who’s daughter has moved away and husband is absent, and Dora, a maid who has been working for the family for 30 years. It’s subtle, but perhaps for that reason very realistic. A good afternoon movie; enjoyable but not something that requires a lot of mulling over. 

El Niño Pez (trailer) is significantly wilder. A darker version of a love story and much more trying on the couple. Lala and Ailín liked each other as soon as they met, but unhandily one happened to be the daughter of a wealthy judge while the other was their maid. They dream of running away together to Paraguay, where Ailín is from, but complications arise when their plan to rob Lala’s family flounders. I really liked this movie; it moves fairly quickly and unlike most queer movies, it ends on a good note!

I found both of these on netflix with subtitles (really, if you’re in the states get a free trial and just watch everything) but I am sure they can be procured elsewhere. This is also a good time to mention that a friend and I are starting a new blog where we will cook food and provide the recipe then review a (queer) movie—Dinner Date with Syd and Lorena! Right now we’re just getting started, but later today we should be making vegan chicken salad and discussing Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. So, if you’re into that check us out. Hope your week is off to a good start!


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One Response to Movie Monday: Argentina and Maids

  1. Manu says:

    Interesting. I haven’t watched either of these. I fully support dinner and a movie making a comeback, especially in more broadcasted queer form.

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