More Boozeless Booze

Today when I got back from running errands I had a serious pupusa craving. Pupusas are like the Salvadorian cousin of arepas and are all over L.A., including on my block. So I ordered one with chicharrón (which in this instance is ground pork not fried pork rind like in Colombia) and went to investigate the drinks when what did I find but sangria soda. 

We have previously introduced you to champagne soda, so I guess a sangria version is only natural. It’s good, and pretty sangria-y so not too sweet. And made, of course, with sugar. If you encounter it I recommend it. Awhile ago I made the mistake of buying an American coke somewhere and it was gross. Stick to the good stuff kids.

Aside that nothing too wild to share with you from L.A. There were lots of Cinco de Mayo festivities which were largely just white people drinking tequila, but whatever. I’m not really sure what you readers are interested in—do you want Spanish insights? food reviews? What can I do for you from L.A.? Or continue tagging along silently, that’s cool too, I see your pageviews.

Well, back to scouring craigslist for jobs/gigs. Tomorrow I have an interview to be an extra, wish me luck!


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7 Responses to More Boozeless Booze

  1. Kerr says:

    Oooo, an extra in what?

    • syd says:

      I think they said they need some both for a movie and a tv show. I’ll hear back later today!

      • Manu says:

        wooot wooot! I love sangría soda, my best friend Cyndi introduced me to it, I think it’s mexican…

  2. vocabat says:

    Sangria soda! Weird but awesome. I would definitely try it if I came across it (which will never happen, wahhh). What do you mean, stick to the good stuff? Coke outside of the US? Is there a difference? (Did you already blog about this? Sorry) I don’t drink it, so I wouldn’t know. I love Quatro/Fresca. Deli!

    Well, ahem. This should come as no surprise, but *I* always love your Spanish insights. Are you still actively learning it? How would you rate your level now with compared to when you went down? Are people telling you that your accent/words are very Colombian?

    Food reviews are also cool. Concerts, graffiti, whatever you want to share, really. I’ll keep following.

    Good luck with the Craigslist job hunt! That’s where I find everything in life, for better or for worse.

    • syd says:

      Well depending where you are in the states you might be able to procure it, although I realize in L.A. I am spoiled with Latin American goodies…

      Coke and most other soft drinks in the US are made with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar like they are elsewhere. I didn’t really believe the health nuts talking about the difference, but after getting hooked in Colombia I can taste it!

      Hm, I’d say my learning has taken a bit of a dip but I’m trying to get back on the wagon by checking out books and watching movies, which then gets me back into looking at grammar and things. When I went down I didn’t know any Spanish (I’d been studying Japanese, also working on that) so my level now is comparatively impressive. (I’d say the classes ended around level B1.5) Being not the best people person and having kind of a rough time of things I’m a little regretful, but that just means I need to be all the more serious about it now. Unfortunately I am lacking in spanish-speaking friends, so no one has had the chance to call out any colombianisms. Yet.

      Glad you’re willing to read whatever I happen upon to write about :) I am in awe of your regular and thoughtful posting. Maybe instead of a language crush, a blogging crush? jaja

      • vocabat says:

        Oh, I’m not a great people person either. I spent loads of time alone in Colombia and, surprise!, got pretty depressed. Wasn’t great for my Spanish, of course, not to mention my emotional health. But, you just keep moving along and try to do better next time. Don’t waste your energy or time on regrets. Hope you make some Spanish-speaking friends soon.

        A blogging crush? I’ll take it. I always enjoying reading what you two write. I have a blogging crush, too. Her name’s Olga. Seriously!

  3. vocabat says:

    The sangría soda jumped out at me at the international market today. Drinking it right now. Pretty good! Thanks for the recommendation.

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