Music Monday: Bedtime!

So everyday in the evening, I want to say at 9*, TV stations play a song to remind children to go to bed, desenchufate! It tells of all the unenjoyable consequences of not getting enough sleep. (*We have no TV so I only encountered it elsewhere.)

Kind of a cute idea, although probably only effective when paired with adult ushering, but hey. There is also an earlier song for the younger ones, although I don’t like it as much. Along with this, most radio stations also play a chunk of the national anthem at 6 am and 6 pm. (Apparently this kid has been in a lot of commercials, I found this Chevy one particularly creepy.)

This would be an ideal segue into lullabies, or canciónes de cuna, but I don’t happen to be familiar with any. I did find this one though, which makes me want to give playing classical guitar another chance. It also reminds me of José Gonzales, the Swedish-Argentinian guitarist, who cited Silvio Rodriguez (Cuban, previously mentioned here) as inspiration. If you have not heard of him you owe yourself a listen. (same for Rodriguez)

Well, thanks for joining me on this somewhat scatterbrained post. I am moving into my apartment today so that is all kinds of exciting!


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