Moving to a Parallel Universe

My new 'hood.

Sorry I missed music Monday, I’ve been apartment hunting and living on my friend’s couch so a little distracted and reverse culture shocked. Today I did find a place though (!) and in some ways it doesn’t feel like I really moved so far. I am near some panaderias—although Mexican so tortas are sandwiches not cakes, and envueltos are tamales—and some kind of ‘sketchy’ little tiendas and a liiitle Mexican place that is probably delicious. (Sketchy for the states, normal for Bogotá, you know how it is.) Of course there is also a close café and a beer brewing company, and the rest of downtown L.A., so I’m getting the best of both worlds I guess.


I liked this plaintive telephone note, the question is, did it work? The first time I saw this church I though one could loosely translate the sign as, “Jesus is the Man!” Which is not quite true, but sounds cool. Oh L.A., I guess I’m glad to be back. Who can really dislike a place when you can have an horchata latte in the morning and taro boba in the afternoon? (true story, I need to slow my roll.)

So, that’s that, more regular programming in the future. Will I be able to find work where I can practice/not loose my Spanish? Will I find Colombiana so I can make refajo? All this and more in future updates.


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3 Responses to Moving to a Parallel Universe

  1. audrey says:

    Lol, Jesus is the man. Clearly your time abroad did wonders for your Spanish.

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