Movie Monday!

So our internet was down for a bit—someone cut the cable outside to steal the copper (seriously)—and I didn’t get to scour for music videos, so instead I am branching out to movies! (for today anyway) 

Amores Perros (sometimes translated as Love’s a Bitch for the English one, but the director has pointed out that’s not quite right. I think something closer to Dogged Loves gets at the gritty tenacity going on and keeps the wordplay. And doesn’t sound like something a gay man flippantly says at the bar.) is an excellent Mexican film (güey) directed by the same guy who did Babel (if you are into knowing those things). It intertwines three very separate lives in Mexico City over what feels like a very short time. (although heads up it is a little over two hours, but worth it) Here is the trailer, and then you can stream the movie here. If it doesn’t load select the other “servidor,” sometimes one is down. Also there are English subtitles if you need them. I don’t recommend using the Spanish subtitles because they are not the exact dialogue so you aren’t getting any listening practice.

If you want something shorter, I can also give you some puerile humor in the form of Meme Monday. Here is La Caida de Edgar (The Fall of Edgar) and SOY COPA A (I’m an A cup!). Rough life of teenagers. Hope your week is off to a good start!


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