Diminutives: You little…

Diminutives are one of those silly things I like about Spanish. Kind of like how “store” is also an ending; like book store -> librería, paper store -> papelería. Also how you can add them to almost everything.

The usual endings are -ito and -ita, and the internet informs me that the occasional -ico and -ica for words with ‘t’ are very Colombian. Generally it makes something “little” but sometimes you just add it for cuteness. So above you see a gatico eating an arequipito. Yeah, a little arequipe, mm :) Or if your guatita is not excited at lunch you might just have some sopita. 

It is also used sometimes when kids have the same name as their parents, for example, if the father is Juan, they might call the son Juanito. It is alllso used for other naming purposes; I get called a fosforito (fosforo = matchstick) because I look like one, but obviously the guys hollering from trucks or kids in the street are not calling me a ‘cute little matchstick.’

You can also apply it to verbs in the gerund form! So instead of corriendo (running) you can have corriendito (scurrying). You can never go wrong with more diminutives it seems. Questions? Concerns?

I would also like to mention this:As it says, this is a selection of the searches that bring people to our site. “How does Shakira promote her culture?” now that is a good question. (and man, always so many people looking for wall squats and finding the butt ghost instead.)


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