Music Monday and Tense with Tenses

Today I learned the present subjunctive! As you may or may not know, the subjunctive has many of the same uses as other tenses, but has a different tone, is softer, or is more unsure. So incase it’s not confusing enough that you can use the conditional both for future things and past things, along with also having tenses for those as well, there is also a subjunctive version of each as well. Sometimes I kind of pause deciding which one to use, obviously I am thinking to much (also depends if it is irregular and if I know how to handle it). (sidenote: guysguysguys, once we finish with the subjunctive I will know ALL THE TENSES.) But hey, even when mostly interchangeable, they are not the same!

You know what else no es lo mismo? Ser y estar. To be and to be, but not really. Alejandro Sanz even thought this was serious enough to mention in a song—No Es Lo Mismo. He talks about other not-the-same things, and here are the lyrics.

Er, that’s all I have for today. But it is a very important lesson.


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