Music Tuesday and the Usual

Yeaaaah no real good excuse, just sluggish. It’s been rainy? I dropped my Transmi card in the only possible crack at the station? During a tour? No sé. I also have been preoccupied with looking for some U.S. news I want to talk about for my Spanish oral on Friday. It’s supposed to be recent and have some significance in the history of our contry—So I am talking about SOPA! Because what do Americans care about more than the internet.

Music. For comprehension practice our teacher had us listen to Las Diabluras by Jorge Velosa and man it is fast. Maybe pull up the lyrics and listen a few times. Little devils mucking around. Qué diablos pasó? (what devils came through?)  Is kind a more extreme version of, “What happened here?”…I guess “What the devil happened here!?” but nobody says that anymore. Obviously suiting in this context.

This type of folk music is called carranga and was started by Velosa, who was also the first Colombian to play at Madison Square Garden. He went to UNal to study veterinary medicine, but there met a friend who wanted to rescue and spread traditional Andean folk music. They started a band, and Velosa never went back to the animals. For the sort of dancing and traditional dress that accompanies this music see this video.



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