Colombian Candies Part 2: Chocolate things

The time has come for a second installment of Colombian Candies, this time touching on some chocolate-y things. All of these are rather prolific and deliciousss. (if we collected all possible little chocolate things we would never get around to posting. And would have a lot of chocolate.)

Lets start with what was a past addiction of mine, Chokis. These are crispy little balls dipped in chocolate. Like those crispy M&Ms but bigger and better (and also surprisingly made from corn). It looks like a small bag, but there is a solid number in there for snacktime.

Speaking of things dipped in chocolate, the classic Chororamo is basically heavy cake (not quite pound cake) dipped in chocolate. They are such an establishment there are even knock-off versions. Ramo made special mini ones around Christmas so that’s what you see here, but normally they are about ¾ a slice of bread sized. They are great because they are chocolate-y but not that sweet and kind of have substance. So also a good pre-class snack food.

Now chocolate chocolate. Jet and Jumbo are two of the many things made by Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, whose headquarters are in Medellín and is one of the largest companies in Colombia. Sadly Jet is not particularly delicious, but that could also be because they only make milk chocolate and I am not really a fan. (Dark chocolate is surprisingly hard to come by here) However! In the little Jets you get an animal sticker. 

While they do not make a dark chocolate, they do make a bajillion other variations. Chocolate with peanuts, chocolate with peanuts and raisins, chocolate with almonds, chocolate with nougat and nuts, chocolate with strawberry cream filling…shwatever you can think of, but the chocolate with peanuts is definitely the most popular (and I do enjoy it on occasion).

Our final specimen today (and perhaps what qualifies as my new addiction) is Milo; a chocolate malty powder you add to milk and drink hot or cold. Milo was actually invented in Australia in the 30’s as a food/energy drink but has since exploded all over the world. Interestingly different places have different formulas—I tried the Japanese version and it was not what I wanted (so if you find it somewhere take note of where it’s from). Along with all these different variations you can also buy Milo cereal, Milo chocolate bars, Milo cookies, and even these Milo nuggets pictures below. They are more or less the powder balled up and dipped in chocolate and are suuuper sweet. I can probably eat four and then I need to pause and potentially not resume. I really like the malty taste though so I make the drink a lot. 

Yeah chocolate energy! And that was this round of Colombian Candies.

(As a sidenote: I find it humorous when I see a streetcart selling “Imported Chocolates!” and it’s Snickers, M&Ms, etc. So yes, much of that stuff is here too.)


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2 Responses to Colombian Candies Part 2: Chocolate things

  1. actualidadfce says:

    todos son muy buenos, sobretodo las chocolatinas Jet

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