Sunday Photo Dump

I wanted to post this yesterday, but our internet was down! Hopefully for the last time, it was a broken cable not something weird with the system.

As mentioned before, every Sunday several of the major roads close for bikes and pedestrians. Septima, or Carrera 7, closes entirely and the streets are filled with fruit vendors and flea markets and whatever you could possibly desire. Really, I even saw a guy selling what appeared to be old replica pistols. Whenever people on tours ask me what to do in the city I always tell them to wander 7th on a Sunday—definitely Bogotá in full splendor.


Magnifying glasses? Yeah got those. Robot? mhm

Since the reform whatnot is over the mamertos have to find new ways to occupy themselves, and recently this has been protesting bullfighting. I definitely take you more seriously when you face is painted like a tiger.

Moving on, booooks. Never have I seen so many used books all over the place. There was a whole plaza of tents like these, and then there are people in the street with just piles of books. I feel like this is definitly one value the people of Bogotá and I share. I keep encountering one called (in Spanish) “The Sexual Cycles of Vertebrates” which I kind of want just to have on my shelf, but I don’t really want it. The cover has the silhouette of a man and a fish. ‘Nuff said.


A llama moment and a roving cafeteria.

Obligatory lunch photo of a delicious gigantic pastel de yuca. (rice and chicken with assorted things inside) The outside is fried tapioca. Crispy. 

More food things.

Serious business.

So there’s some snapshots of that. I still intend to do Music Monday this evening but we will see we will see.


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3 Responses to Sunday Photo Dump

  1. vocabat says:

    Love it! Thanks for the literal trip down memory lane. Love the lupas. When talking about books, what do you mean by saying that it’s a value that you and the people of Bogotá definitely share? I wouldn’t call it a culture of readers by any means, sadly.

    • syd says:

      Yes the populace does not value reading perhaps like I do, but that they still have books all over the place is something I appreciate. That we both keep used books around? Perhaps it is just that Bogotáns keep everything around for flea markets, but I like to give them as many points as possible.

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