What’s that sound?

I don’t think we’re going to find a fruit for you today, so I thought I’d talk about something else: animals sounds! I don’t know about you, but whenever animals sounds come up Americans are always made fun of for the rooster noise. “Cock-a-doodle-do” does not sound that weird to me, but then again I am American. In Japan roosters go “kokekokko” and in Colombia they go “kikiriki.” Kind of related, but different enough that if you were imitating barnyard sounds with your friends you need to be using the right one. So let me help you out with some others:

by Javier Jaén

Chicks: (peep/cheep) pío pío

Cow: (moo) muuu

Duck: (quack) cuac cuac

Cricket: (chirp) cri cri

Dog: (bark, woof) guau guau

Cat: (meow) miau

Pigs, sheep, and bees make the same sound in English and Spanish.



Pretty similar in most cases. For some bonus points how about other sound effects? Obviously there are tons of these as well, so here is just a random bunch. Feel free to share more!

Clock: (tick tock) tic, tac

Sneeze: (achoo) Achís

Explosion, or a hit: (bam) Pum

Bell: (clang, dong) tolón tolón

Laughter: (haha) jaja/jeje     Really this is mainly a difference of spelling because ‘j’ is pronounced more or less like ‘h’. Still good to know, as it tripped me up for a second in an early text from Manu. :)

Kiss: muá, muac

Glass-tapping-glass: (chink, ting) chin-chin, tintín

Conversation: (blah blah) bla bla

Knocking: (knock) toc toc

Spalshing: (splash) plash      Just learned the word chapeteando for puddling/splashing around on a forum and had to share.

Now you can add the appropriate foley noises to your life. If you are interested in more animal sounds in more languages I encountered this chart that has quite a selection. If you’d like to know more about comic book sounds in Spanish I also have an article on that too.  Enjoy your Friday, it is tiiiime for lunch here.


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