Fruit Friday: Piña

While you have probably heard of and encountered pineapple, piña, or ananás (Argentina mainly, from the Tupi word meaning “excellent fruit”) I bet you don’t know all that much about them. Huh? Do you? That’s what I thought, so I’m going to talk about them anyway.

This is what I would look like if I had two heads and one was a pineapple

The plant is indigenous to South America and originated around Southern Brazil and Paraguay. Natives spread it to all of South America and then when Columbus hopped over in 1492 he brought it back to Europe and then it eventually got all over the place. Not from Hawaii, crazy right? Kind of like as a child when I learned California is not really where there should be palm trees, but that’s another ecosystem discussion. Currently the Philippines are the largest producers of pineapple, but Colombia is still 11th on the list. Like apples, there are also different varieties grown in different places.

Like all the fruits we seem to discuss, it is full of wonderful healthy properties! High in vitamin C and fiber, it is also good for digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. One can also use it for cleaning wounds, although that sounds stingy-sticky and unenjoyable to me. The heart has also been promoted for people dieting as it is high in fiber and filling but also a slight laxative. It has also been studied in treating arthritis, although there are no statements as to how effective it was. (Interestingly, all the nutritional information is on the Spanish version of the Wiki not the English.)

Pineapple Tower

Delicious. Enjoy your weekend!


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One Response to Fruit Friday: Piña

  1. vocabat says:

    I remember hearing in Bogotá “tener más ojos que una piña” to say that someone has really big eyes.

    Also, in Medellín I noticed that there were two kinds of pineapples at the plazas– piña manzana (short and stout and kind of reddish) and then normal pineapples, whose name I can’t remember. Maybe piña perolera.

    My favorite fruit! Nice of you to include it, widespread familiarity notwithstanding :)

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