Fruit [Satur]day: Chirimoya

Fruit Friday is back! Just a little late. We are in chirimoya (chee-ree-mo-ja) season, which means that all the street fruit carts are stock piled with them. It is a fruit native to the Andes (surprise!). Its name comes from the Quechua “chiri” = cold and “muya” = seed probably because it has to grow at such high altitude.

We had bought this fruit and then promptly misplaced it so it over-ripened. It’s supposed to be more green. As you can see it looks like an acorn. It’s not really hard though, you can pull it apart with your hands and it looks like this:

It’s very sweet since it is about 20% sugar, the taste is somewhat like nectarines, but fleshy and creamy. You usually just shove a bunch of it in your mouth and then spit out the seeds. I can eat one in about 20 seconds. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals like B1, B2, calcium, iron, and phosphorous, which means it’s all kinds of good for you. Like other fruits we’ve seen recently it is also really good for the digestive system and can act as a laxative. There is also an unconfirmed functionality parallel to that of viagra. Who knows if it’s true.

As you can see form the wooden floor in the picture we’ve moved in to our new place. (You can also see how big Truffaut is now!) We’ll have pictures soon after we actually do some decorating. Now that I don’t have the excuse of not having a home to forget to write Fruit Friday it will be back on schedule. See you next week.

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5 Responses to Fruit [Satur]day: Chirimoya

  1. vocabat says:

    I missed these in Colombia! Don’t know how : (

    I also don’t think I ever got around to trying borojo. I’m sure there are some other weird ones I missed, but I can’t think of them. Hm, I wonder what you’ll move on to when you run out of fruit…

    • Manu says:

      It’s probably because they weren’t in season. They’re a winter fruit. Borojó is in the tamarind family, but it tastes more bitter. Did you try tamarind? It’s super popular in Mexico so you can find it in the states.

      • vocabat says:

        I never tried tamarind by itself or in juice (have you?), but I was kind of addicted to those little sticks of sweetened tamarind paste. I would buy them at Éxito all the time. Yeah, Mexicans love to mix it with chili!

        You’re right– it’s borojó. See the things I’m forgetting!

        Oh, I just thought of a fruit for you: brevas. Early figs/blacks figs according to the dictionary. I feel like I always saw them either filled with arequipe or in big jars en almíbar.

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  3. Manu says:

    Tamarind is pretty strong but delicious in all its forms. Actually right now I’m addicted to a tamarind juice drink they have at wok (asian place pretty popular in bogotá) that is probably inspired by the vietnamese sweet tamarind drink. It’s made out of tamarind, pineapple juice, ginger, and spices…

    So, we had this fig experience early in our supermarket escapades where we thought that the green fig-looking fruits were figs, so we tried to eat them like that, but they are the ones used for brevas en almíbar and you have to cook them or they taste gross ;( But yeah good idea!

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