Music Monday: Things I heard at the bar

There really is no grand theme to this week, I had another idea lined up but I’ll save it for next time around in favor of just tossing some popular stuff at you. It’s good to keep abreast of these things.

Wistfully cheerful, let’s start with “Me Voy” (I’m going) by Julieta Venegas. She’s leaving because he doesn’t understand her heart and doesn’t listen to what’s close, but she’s not going to cry because it’s probably what she deserves, just not what she wants.  Trials and tribulations.

Oppositely, “Tan Sólo Tu” by Franco De Vita sounds like someone is still very much enamored: “You give me the things I want when I don’t expect it. You give me the air that I breath” but then he realizes they are “the heaven you can never touch..(something something) but it is impossible….you can forget me if you want.” Yes somehow I can’t quite grasp all the meaning, but apparently things don’t work out. I could imagine one heartbroken and crying at the bar to this.

Finally here is “Lambada” by Kaoma. This is not actually its most popular incarnation just the original, it usually appears as the tune for “Taboo” by Don Omar. (It’s also creepin’ in “On the Floor” by J.Lo).  So you can see the influence of this song and why I figured it should be shared. Awkwardly, I can’t really understand anything cohesive in the lyrics, but they seem cheerful.

Monday! Tomorrow I am leading my first graffiti tour, yeaaaah. Also our lease is being signed which is perhaps even more exciting. Now I am going to go feast on some salchipapa I think.

(While I’m sending you to YouTube, if you are in on that “Sh!t Girls Say” meme you should check out “Sh!t Abuelas Say“)


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