Relocations, or, Get Yourself a Home

Wow, we got a lot of views Friday…probably looking for Fruit Friday, sorry about that. Good news is we have found a place, now we just need to move into it!

Someone asked awhile back about how to find places in Bogotá, so let me touch on that briefly. One of the best ways seems to be wandering around the area you want to live in and looking for signs. Call that number, ask about the place, and start your list.

like this, but probably less chromatically synchronized.

The only problems with this are that people seem to leave signs up even when papers have been passed, you don’t know anything about the place (unless it says “habitación or something), and of course, you have to already be in the city. So, what else can you do? Take to the internet!

Metro Cuadrado is for all of Colombia and lets you search for apartments, houses, offices for rent and for sale. It also let’s you narrow things down by zone or bedrooms and things. VivaReal is a similar option, although not one we used so I can’t say too much.

Do you need roommates? Are you alone and need to move somewhere that already has roommates? CompartoAparto seems to be the place for that.

You probably want to know about prices, this is not my forté, but I can inform you that it definitely depends on where you want to live. Where we used to live, way out in Castilla, was pretty cheap, I think close to 500.000? (I should remember, christ) That was two bedrooms. Now looking closer to the center of things that would get you a room or mayyyybe a not super-great apartestudio. Still, good things can be found for less than 1,000.000 so don’t get your dreams crushed. Remember that places have a status here too so that will affect your utilities bill.

Helpful? Other questions? Have a good weekend!


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2 Responses to Relocations, or, Get Yourself a Home

  1. Hi Syd, did you ask for permission by publishing my photo?

    • syd says:

      Hi Filip, sorry no one’s responded to you sooner! In our younger and more carefree days we were not too great about photo credits, and I’m not sure how I found this. Would you like the photo removed or a link to your website added?

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