El Menu Del Dia

Ok so we’re still not back together, cut us some slack ok? We’ve looked at one beautiful place to move into, have an appointment to see another Monday, and have numbers to call for a bunch of other places. Gonna make it happen yeaaah.

Anyway, I was recently reminded of how much I enjoy “menu of the day” places for lunch, it’s not really something you find in the states. You just go in and sit down and don’t have to choose a thing (sometimes there is a choice or two, but not usually). Typically here it’s a soup, rice, a small salad or other little things, and then some sort of protein situation (possibly meat AND lentils). Oh and fresh juice too of course.

This is a pretty good example: We have beans with a hoof (for flavor), rice, a plantain, an arepa, an avocado, and some pork. That crispy edge of the pork is the skin, and you hold it there and bite off the meat chunks—kind of like a watermelon I guess. The avocado goes in the soup, so they usually give you one (banana is also a common addition, both are surprisingly delicious) The juice pictured here is lulo, one of my favorites.

Delicious things. I think one of my favorite lunch of the days I’ve had included these amazing lentils and also these little potato pancake like things that the place was known for. Although the time it was cream of asparagus soup was pretty good too…you get the idea. So if you’re ever in town, take the plunge and just eat what’s being served!


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2 Responses to El Menu Del Dia

  1. vocabat says:

    I thought that was pezuña! So, do you eat it? I did once to be polite… wasn’t so bad, but had a hard time getting over it mentally. All in all, a delicious and healthy lunch. And now that I’m gone, filled with nostalgia :)

    • syd says:

      wow, that traumatizing? I was feeling particularly not-meaty that day (my past vegan self still lingers) so I did not try it. I probably should eventually though.

      ah, google a recipe for ajiaco and bring Bogotá to you!

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