We’re baaaack!

…and man is the Coke so much better here. I didn’t really understand why I was ok drinking Coke here in Colombia until unwittingly buying a Coke in the states, with it’s sad high-fructose corn syrup, and finding it disgusting. Really, you can tell after awhile of one.

Anyway, so here we are. We are looking to move so that may keep us a bit busy, and I start my online class tomorrow and Manu starts soon as well to finish off classes from last semester. My Spanish class doesn’t start till later in the month, although e’eryday is like Spanish class here so I need to get back in the game…

I’d show you some nice pictures or something except I didn’t even take my camera. Just know that it was good. Were your holidays good? I hope so. I hope you haven’t fallen through on any resolutions yet.  Regular posts starting tomorrow, with Music Monday of course.


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I like beats & beets
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