Music Monday: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

You thought I would forget Music Monday? Don’t worry, in between relishing my favorite old haunts and stuffing myself with delicious things there is still time for you.


Today is another artist feature though, just to make it simpler for everyone. This is Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, an alternative merengue band from the Dominican Republic.  Incase you don’t recall, merengue is a sort of two-step dance where you bend your knees but don’t lift your feet and that I am surprisingly bad at. Still got a while left to improve on this obviously vital life skill though.


First is Maldito Feisbu. Maldecir is to curse, (literally, bad + to say) so maldito is kind of “cursed, damned, bloody, etc…” So yes, Wretched Facebook!

Seeecond, La Hora de Volver (The hour of the return…I think) Monkey Magic!

And finally, the song that introduced me to Ms. Rita, Equeibol. (Skateboard) She wants to ride a skateboard, but she doesn’t have a skateboard, so she’s going to steal her mother’s earrings to buy one.

Well, I’ll try to do some more posts mid-week, but no promises. Hope you are enjoying the holidays and not freezing your toes like me.


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I like beats & beets
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