Listling Without Commentary: Culture Shock

Things that will be weird for me when returning to the states.

1. Speaking English/Speaking English and not being stared at.

2. No “minute ladies” in the street. (There aren’t payphones, there are people with a couple of cell phones tied to their stands with signs for “MINUTOS 200”)

3. Not worrying if there will be toilet paper in public bathrooms.

4. Weak hot chocolate/no bakeries.

5. Maps for public transit! Real buses/subways!

6. (almost) Everything being more expensive. edit: aaak everything is so expensive! And what are these nickles and dimes, and why are they not good for anything?

7. Not being of drinking age :(

8. It not raining every damn day.

9. Being able to buy non-fruity tea. (srsly, I need to stash up)

10. Not having Small Sir around.

I really just wanted this list to get to ten.


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2 Responses to Listling Without Commentary: Culture Shock

  1. jessi says:

    But what will happen to Small Sir in your absence?! Poor Sir, abandoned in Colombia.

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