Sign Language

So I know it’s Monday, and I told Manu to write Music Monday, but she probs won’t, so here is a photo update for you instead.

There are lots of odd signs around Bogotá so this is definitely only a first installment. Presenting:


The purse snatcher! While this may appear to be alerting cars to pedestrians, I think the real story here is much more sinister. What is that man’s hand doing on her purse?

Also below we see the speed limit sign. Yes things are in circles here, like in England yeah?






Here is a ridiculously detailed bike sign. Gears? Suspension? Got it. This is not even the most common bike around here or anything, lest you think that was the designers justification. As for the 4 Ton limit? I don’t know what that’s about. I found it wandering around the barrio, not near a bridge or anything.

There’s nothing that weird about this one, it’s actually quite clear. I just enjoy it I guess. It makes it seem like you might haul your garbage cans to the national park and empty them in the river, but no no.

Yep, the best for last. To the non-spanish speaker this sign seems to warn of a “PROFOUND EXCAVATION” which in itself is hilarious, but in Spanish you can use profound to mean “deep” in a not-so soul-searching way. What is more amusing is that they thought you might not notice the excavation. Gosh, without the sign I might have just fallen in! (My family always calls the little man in these signs “Mr. Unlucky” because he is always being electrocuted or something.  Similarly, here we see him charging to his doom.)

So there’s a little different sort of sight seeing tour. Posts will probably slow down a bit because we both leave Thursday for the states and you are probably not interested in hearing about that. However if you are looking to travel here over the holiday, may I suggest looking at Compared to what some hotels charge I am sure it is cheaper, and it is kind of a like a mini-homestay! Just thought I’d share a resource I ran into.


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One Response to Sign Language

  1. Kerr says:

    That’s not a garbage can! it’s a top hat & a flute in a case, & a bow tie! Obviously the sign means NO CLASSICAL MUSICIANS. The other little stuff is just what fell out of his pockets when he exploded.

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