Music Monday: Teenage Years

So one day when cruising youtube I started running in to things I realized that, while not top of my list now, were things I probably would have listened too if I had been a Hispanic teenager. Y’know, Blink-182, Green Day, moody-feel-good music. So I made you a playlist:

Mexican Teenagers

(Not all the groups are Mexican, but there is a Kaki Kind song called that so I named it that. This playlist also includes bands I never would have liked, but were popular at that time.)

Speaking of teenagers, today in Panamericana (A chain bookstore/art supply/office supply sort of place) I found a magazine for quinceañeras that had fancier looking parties than anything I will ever witness. (Turning 15 is the big thing in Latin America. This magazine wants you to think crazy MTV My Sweet Sixteen-esqu party. In fact in the lower left this magazine says “Quinceañera vs. Bride—you win by so much more”)  Ridiculous. Also, that is not how you play bass.

So there, rock out.


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