A very special Fruit Friday

There isn’t actually a Fruit Friday this week. In between packing, getting sick, classes, and moving I’ve forgotten to get a fruit and take pictures of it. I feel that I’d be letting you guys down if I just pretend that nothing happened. Thus, here is a very special Fruit Friday featuring some of my best jokes (one of which involves a fruit).

I’ve been told I’m not very good at jokes in any language; once the cute-child factor wore off, my jokes were just bad. That’s probably because I think that things pre-packaged to be funny don’t quite make me laugh as much as personal experiences with the unexpected, but that’s a different story. Despite this, I still enjoy telling jokes to see people’s reaction–usually disappointment. But don’t worry you won’t be disappointed, even if you don’t enjoy any of them you can learn some Spanish. So, without further ado, here are my three favorite jokes (props to my cousin Andres).

  1. Por qué están tristes los cereales?               Why are the cereals sad?
    Porque se chocó-krispis                                 Because Krispis crashed [his car]Explanation: There is this cereal here called Choco Krispis (Cocoa Krispies in the U.S.) that has Melvin the elephant on the box, who was originally a monkey, but was changed in 1959 when the Mexican-American people complained. Of course the play on the word “choco” (short for chocolate) is the past tense of crashing “chocó” (accent on the last vowel).

  2. Qué le dijo el ganzo a la ganza?           What did the boy goose say to the girl goose?
    “Ven ganza.” y la mató.                        “Come here girl goose.” and he killed her.Explanation: This is another play on words where “ven ganza” could either mean “come here girl goose” or as one word “venganza” = “vengeance”.
  3. Por qué están tristes las frutas?          Why are the fruits sad?
    Porque se va nano.                                 Because nano is leaving.Explanation: What do you know, another play on words. To understand this joke it’s first important to note that in Spanish “v” and “b” are pronounced very similarly to the English “b”, which makes “va nano” very close to “banano” (banana).

I hope you enjoy these jokes as much as I do. Or maybe you’ll feel like one of my friends who used to say “so cold, so cold”. Feel free to share any bad jokes you have. Enjoy the weekend.

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