Was it Music Monday Already?!

Oof, so we are in processes of moving (read as: repainting the walls. sad) and I forgot yesterday was Monday. Whatever, music is good everyday!

Today I am just going to feature one artist because a) he is one of my favorites and I can’t just choose one song and b) I don’t feel like doing serious youtube scouring right now. Presenting Immortal Technique!

Immortal Technique is an Afro-Peruvian rapper from Harlem, NY, so a lot of his songs are in English. Sometimes it is good to understand what angry people are angry about (this kid is #1 on my angry rapper playlist) though, so let me share Peruvian Cocaine, a solid piece.

Lest you think he is all business, Beef and Broccoli is just being angry at angry vegetarians. Seriously, nobody likes pushy vegetarians. “First of all being a vegetarian should never be associated with being a revolutionary or being open-minded. That’s a dietary choice.”

Ok, ok, Spanish. Well, Spanglish, but that’s more satisfying for learners anyway. No Me Importa (It’s not important to me) is about girls who don’t respect themselves so of course nobody else does either. Did I mention he is pretty NSFW? yeah heads up.

Alright, this one isn’t in Spanish either, but it’s just SO GOOD. Harlem Renaissance. “And it’s frustrating to look at, everyday, like watching a porno on 56K” snap.

Sooo yeah. You can go hunt down his songs in Spanish, but his English ones just stole the spotlight. First coat of paint should be dry, time for round two!


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