A Thanksgiving Themed Dinner

So our efforts to bring the joy of turkey day to Colombia didn’t go as smoothly as planned—one thing was not what we thought it was and I forgot the pie pan (we were cooking elsewhere)—but it was still delicious. When we were cooking I was so hungry I didn’t even think to take pictures, and once we were eating, well, I was obviously occupied with that. Still, let me share our menu with you, with the recipes we used:

Maple-Balsamic Chicken: I think ours got a bit dried out but that’s what all that extra sauce is for.

Homemade Stuffing: I could have eaten the bowl of this aaaaaall myself, it was both that delicious and I love stuffing that much. Personally I like raisins in my stuffing not cranberries, because I can always put cranberry sauce on it.

Cranberry Sauce: So all we could find were dried cranberries at this ridiculously overpriced store in the north, srsly, they were about $10 a pop!

Not to worry, the recipe works fine and dried cranberries still have enough pectin in them to make the sauce into a jelly.  Sidenote: I did not leave them covered for an hour because we did not have an hour, and I did not add apple or port, so if you do that know they’ll be fine too.

Fruit Salad: y’know, the usual. This was the first time I chopped a pineapple and it was easier than I thought (still an ordeal, but easy). Also, far superior to canned pineapple, I had a hard time not just eating it all right there.

Blanched Green Beans: This was a recipe from Manu’s mother but I will try to break it down for you. I believe you steam the green beans, then put them in the oven with some cream of mushroom soup and crumbled bacon on top. Mmmm.

Sweet-potato Casserole: Yeah the traditional thing with marshmallows. Again we used a recipe from Manu’s mother, and it really steps it up a notch by adding condensed milk but otherwise is the usual process. We had to hunt down sweet potatoes/yams (a misnomer in the states) and found these, which were labeled as yams:

“Ok, they’re gigantic” we though, “no big deal.” Well whatever they were they were not what we expected. They tasted closer to regular potatoes or taro, and were a light grey brown color when cooked. Not appealing. Still, after being appropriately prepared they were enjoyable, although the only marshmallows we found were multi-colored. It kind of looked like something you might find being served in an orphanage. Behold the atrocity:

Pumpkin Pie with a Flaky Butter Crust: Just know that the crust needs to be in the fridge for awhile, plan ahead. As mentioned, I forgot the pan and instead created little pumpkin pie cup/wonton things. They drooped and oozed in the oven, but did not loose the spirit of pumpkin pie and all were devoured. I definitely recommend the crust.

And that was our feast!


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2 Responses to A Thanksgiving Themed Dinner

  1. kratz says:

    Todo estuvo delicioso, hasta la comida de orfanato!

  2. Kerr says:

    I’m not sure even orphans would eat that!

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