The End of the Stop

It’s about time we told you that the strike ended. I believe the reform was pulled Friday and so naturally all classes have returned to normal (except the for unfortunate med school kids). I kind of expected the reform to pass, which would have given me personal satisfaction since the protests were kind of a pain, but I suppose it’s better that it did not.

Still, one good thing would have been that protesting would no longer be allowed. As in the school could crack down on people and wouldn’t have to go on paro. I think that is reasonable; if people are really upset they will still protest and be prepared for the consequences. With the way it is now, you can ask some kids what the reform was about and they can’t tell you a single thing, but they are still all about their “revolution” because it means they get to ditch class (cleeearly they are really concerned about their education, right). Also, demanding the school go on paro puts the professors in an awkward situation: the reform is bad for them too, but they also want kids to get through class and learn—they are not the enemy but they are made out to be. Pft. So yes, obviously some classes lost a significant amount of time and because of this Manu will be finishing them in January and then starting the new semester. Fun fun.

Other news: Truffaut got neutered last Thursday. The place we got him from does it for free, along with all his vaccinations, so that’s nice. He is not ecstatic about his cone but has adjusted pretty well and only clonks into things occasionally.

day 1: If looks could kill...

I think that’s about all I have to tell you now. We are working on moving so we can have social lives and not strangle each other before the year is over, so hopefully we can get up that housing post someone requested. I also have a food post in the works so get hungry for that. Oh look, we’re halfway through the week, happy wednesday!


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