Music Monday: Ode to the Internet

I once wrote a poem about the internet, that’s how strongly I feel about it. I say “strongly” because sometimes I cannot decide if it is a like or a dislike. I think overall it is an appreciation though, so with that in mind I would like to share some other appreciations of the internet with you, in Spanish of course.

Obviously this post has to start with “Señor Internet” by José José and sung with his daughter. (The real song name is “E-mail Me” but that’s not really what it’s about). This song starts by saying, “Mr. Internet, I would like to thank you. You are the genius of the year.” and only gets better from there. “For every problem, you have the remedy. You cross borders, jump obstacles, and break barriers.” What is particularly humorous about this song is that José  José is known for his romantic ballads, very old school. I suppose the internet gets to everyone.

Next we have a story of romance on the internet with “Atrapados en la Red” (Caught in the Web). First he meets a girl on a forum, then she writes to him, but only in English! Her name seduces him, and the rest he is left to imagine. Still, he never gets to touch her and he wants more. The best part is the chorus talking about emailing him at Oh and that he calls her a ciberpirate of love at the end. (Yep these guys are from Spain, so if you plan on singing this no “corathón” please, “corazón”)

Finally, we have one of the plagues of the internet, Facebook. (actually,  I don’t mind facebook, I find it handy. The problem is the fb addicts) Here is “No Te Metas a Mi Facebook” (which I would loosely translate as, “Don’t Bother Me on Facebook”) Can I first off disclose how much I secretly enjoy this video? Probably because I enjoy well groomed boys in skinny jeans dancing sillily. Anyway, he is talking about the trials and tribulations of Facebook. “You have 620 friends, you talk to 10.” “You are invited to 200 events, you say maybe to all of them.” and importantly, “When you write melodramas, don’t do it on my Wall!”

So that’s that. Hope it keeps you singing throughout the week :D


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One Response to Music Monday: Ode to the Internet

  1. diyeibroquen says:

    I loved this post!!! Me place mucho que tus gustos musicales se estén volviendo tan elaborados ;)

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