Bakeries: The Better Snack Stand

As mentioned before, I loooove the bakeries here. Almost every Sunday we go and eat breakfast at our local one and I stuff myself with freshly baked things and hot chocolate. Along with industrial kitchens there is generally also a seating area and small kitchen, so you can order eggs or tamales and things. They’re kind of a hang out place too, kids come in in the afternoon and order soda and sweet bread. If you are not already jealous, we’ve decided to start showing you some of the many available things you could be gorging yourself on if you were here.* Today we have:

Mojicón is a very soft, kind of sweet bread. Imagine a dinner roll but better. Pan de canela, literally “cinnamon bread,” is just that. Also soft, but with a hint of cinnamon without really tasting like cinnamon. Pan rey has a harder crust, but is still soft on the inside and good for slicing for sandwiches. Or just stuffing you face with. All of these were warm and fresh when we got them and so will probably not last long.

I think bakeries are great, why don’t we really have them in the states? Om nom nom. Maybe next time we will focus on dessert breads.

*Maybe I am feeling protective of Colombia recently because idiots in my online classes keep saying general statements about “third-world countries” that make the people there sound like uncivilized monkeys.


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7 Responses to Bakeries: The Better Snack Stand

  1. Sterling Olson says:

    That looks absurdly eatable

  2. Sterling Olson says:

    (not edible, eatable)

  3. Jenn says:

    Our grocery will have a bakery in it, then. Right next to the banned book section.

  4. Jenn says:

    *legit bakery section. Not like a Safeway bakery. Maybe we could share a space with them? More thought on this required….

    • syd says:

      of course! I just need to lure someone from here to come work for us. and maybe someone from… europe, wherever the bakeries are best.

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