Music Monday: Variations on a Theme

Well, here we are again! I thought today I would highlight Spanish covers/variations of other well-known songs.

Here is a song by Gael Garcia Bernal, I want you to listen to it before I tell you what it is. Ok, ready? It’s “I Want You To Want Me,” as originally by Cheap Trick in 1977! It’s been covered a lot of course, but probably not by people with as sweet an outfit and green-screen background. I am not sure what soccer balls have to do with anything, maybe he sings about it, but I am not in the mood to look up the lyrics.

Neeext is a song by Kumbia Queers, who are already a badass all-girl variation of Cumbia (which originated in Colombia and Panama). Same drill, ready? It’s “Love Song” by The Cure. Ok well really it’s only the beat, the lyrics are pretty changed, but whatever. Incase you are curious, an easy way to identify cumbia is by that “chk-chk tm, chk-chk tm” sounding thing.

Alright, last up is a group of people who are not actually a band (and are not actually any form of Spanish, shh) but they are pretty good anyway. Here is their song. Mk, got it? Paraguas! Or, “Umbrella” by Rhiana. Paraguas is a fun word; “para agua” could either be “for water” or “stop water.”

So that was that, now you are all livened up and ready to start/continue your week.  Do you have other foreign-language covers of songs you really like?


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3 Responses to Music Monday: Variations on a Theme

  1. I can’t understand much, but I love this song:

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