What Did You Call Me? or, Noun that Verb

I’ve been listening to SpanishPod recently in an effort to improve my listening comprehension and it’s surprisingly enjoyable (definitely check out the free trial). They speak mainly Latin American/Mexican Spanish and the dialogues are interesting enough that many of the words stick. A recent episode’s theme was “Bossiness,” and the word of the day was mandóna, a bossy woman. The word comes from mandar: to command, to order. Spanish has quite a few of these tack-an-ending-onto-a-verb-make-it-a-noun words, I think they’re nifty:

comer (to eat) —> comelón (one who eats too much)

dormir (to sleep) —> dormilón (one who sleeps too much/likes sleeping)

llorar (to cry) —> llorón (one who cries too much, a crybaby)

cultivar (to grow, farm) —> cultivadora (grower)

However this is not a fool-proof method and you have to be careful. Manu was trying to tell someone that they didn’t have to be the one to provide comfort and reasonably thought consolar (to comfort, to console) —> consoladora. Wrong. It means dildo.* Language is full of little surprises.

gatito comelón: "Ah! I ate too much!"

*the dictionary claims it can also be one who comforts, but that’s not what anyone’s going to think if you say it.

**photo from http://www.yupiyupi.com/, seems like a more wholesome icanhazcheeseburger haha


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3 Responses to What Did You Call Me? or, Noun that Verb

  1. vocabat says:

    LOL. I had no idea that’s how you said dildo. (Not that I’d been using another word all this time) Consolador. I wonder where that etymology came from? Perhaps very aptly named. Thanks for teaching me that.

    Yeah, I’m also fascinated by the nouning of verbs. The only “fun” one that comes to mind right now is meón from mear. Basically someone who always has to pee.

    Another fun suffix is -azo for hitting someone with something.
    Hit someone with an umbrella? Una sombrillazo.
    A book? Un librazo.
    A dildo? You got it– un consoladorazo.

    Sounds like you’ve been pretty successful with Spanish so far. Keep it up.

  2. It is a sort of consolation.

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