Almost Famous!

Hey guyyssss, we started getting a considerable jump in views and, while I know we are just that exciting, I figured there must be a more tangible explanation—and there is! Colombia Reports has us as 3rd on their Websites about Colombia page! Isn’t that exciting? I think so. (It is also possibly not responsible, but whatever.) So I encourage you to check out the rest of the list, and if you’re into more detailed language shenanigans/pitfalls definitely look at vocabat’s site (another foreigner in Colombia). It makes me so happy to check our pageviews, really. The only thing that would make me happier would be more comments—tell us what you want to read/your opinions! This is the internet people!

I am curious, what are your favorite posts? I want to update the “favorite posts” menu with things people actually like, not just things I like.


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7 Responses to Almost Famous!

  1. vocabat says:

    Hey, thanks for the shoutout!

    I had a little too much time on my hands the other day and went back and read the majority of your posts. I admit it, you guys crack me up. Although I should leave more comments to accompany my trailing footprints, I usually can’t think of anything nearly as clever to say as what’s in the posts. I’ll take a few minutes now to mark some of my favorites.

  2. diyeibroquen says:

    Hi Miss Sidni und miss P
    Congratulations!!! My favorite posts are those where I can see pictures of Trufo with some fruits, but I’ve to admit that I loved the post about aerobics, because I could imagine Sid waking up every day at 6 am while Manu is still sleeping ;)
    I hope Manu can finally understand the importance of this international recognition (jiji) and she resumes the fruit post every friday.
    Don’t stop writing, you have to get to number 2
    Next sunday Kratz and I will go to look for the roller derby players at parque Nacional, do you want to come with us?

  3. How about affordable but good housing? I keep hearing about how inexpensive housing it is in Colombia yet everywhere I research, the prices are the same as in the States. I would love to teach in Medellin or Bogota. Can you give us some websites where rents aren’t inflated because they smell ‘Gringo’. Thank you.
    By the way, you give great blog.

    • syd says:

      Glad you enjoy it!

      Yeah, where we live it is very cheap compared to the states, but I imagine it depends a lot on where in the city you are looking because of the stratification. (search for our post “little things”) If you live up in poshville (basically above cll. 72) things are pricier, and it doesn’t have that nice barrio feel so I feel like you’re missing half the fun of Bogotá anyway. Manu is the one who found our apartment so I will badger her into elucidating on the topic.

  4. Maya says:

    Interesting Person of the Day

  5. Hey :-) Thanks for being so appreciative. I’ve had some trouble pushing the blogs, but you should be getting more visits. Keep up the great work and know you’re invited for coffee if you’re in Medellin.

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