General Updates

I figure I should mention that I have long since returned to classes (I only had three days off), Manu still has most of hers, but the paro carries on. I can’t help but compare it with OccupyWallStreet in that it seems they are using ridiculous tactics to try and meet near-impossible demands (good demands, but they need a path to get there). But we are not going to talk about this anymore as it is too early in the day to get angry. (Although I will link you to Judith Butler’s appearance  because what she says about bodies reminds me of why protests/hunger strikes/riots ect. really feel like a powerful action, although both of these are getting past their prime.)

Truffaut is bigger, when he sits on your neck at night he is no longer a scarf but a heavy creature. He is also increasingly proportional.Clearly he is still supa cute anyway. He is only a little over 3 months though, so still a growing small sir.

So my favorite mug broke awhile ago and I’ve been on the quest for a new one. I saw this in the grocery store the other day and although it is a bit smaller than I would like, I knew I wanted it in my life: Yep, “You are my favorite contact.” There was only one, how could I let this pixelated opportunity get away? I’m not sure if mug-giving is a thing here or something because there were also several “I love you” mugs and even a “give me a little kiss.” (diminutives don’t sound as good in English, next post idea!)

So that’s what’s up. This has felt like the longest week ever. Are you ready for Halloween? I feel like an adult; yesterday I bought candy for potential trick-or-treaters. I figure if they make it up three flights of stairs it’s the least I can do.


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