Last Friday since I didn’t have to wake up at 5:45 am to get to my 7 am class :) we decided it was time to check out the night life in Chapinero. This is a zone east of the university which runs roughly from Calle 39 to 100. Obviously anything north of Calle 72 is posh-ville or “play” as they say here. So, we walked from the university up Calle 53 to Carrera 13 and wandered along there looking for interesting places.

The first place, Ashé, we came across was unpretentious and at that hour (7pm) was not too busy. Once we went inside I noticed they had built a loft-style second floor, which was full. One interesting feature was the back wall—it was lit up pink.

We settled in and ordered a couple of beers only to realize they were not only playing old spanish music (also known as música para planchar or ironing music because it was supposedly the music that maids listened to while they ironed) but they had this video projected on the wall (did you see those white pants). Quality place.

After the music got a little too contemporary pop, we headed over to the more classy party place called Bianca. This turned out to be a girls-only bar that played very typical latin music equipped with a raised dancing platform and was decorated like a disco parlor with white, sparkly, plastic chairs.


It was a bit early and there weren’t a lot of people, so we headed out to yet another place called Tribar. At the entrance the guy almost didn’t let us in saying he only let in customers who had been going there for a year, but we told him we were foreign and new in town and he allowed us to “look”. The place is called Tribar since it has 3 rooms: cantina, crossover, electronica (and apparently no female bathrooms). We headed over to the electronica room first, but soon escaped after the DJ made us listen to a really bad remix of Britney’s “I’m a Slave For You”. The crossover room was really lively and the group next to us gave us a shot of their liquor, which we accepted purely out of courtesy (seriously aguardiente, the national drink, is disgusting). The cantina was full of blue-collar workers who looked like they had just come from their offices, which was probably true. The music was pretty awesome, a sort of remixed plancha.  At about 11 pm when the crossover music was getting a bit old we made our way to the crazy Theatron. It has 4 floors: ground for electronica, 2nd for crossover, 3rd for a terrace and cantina, and the 4th is called lottus, which is supposed to be for special parties. The kind of cool thing about this place is that it charges a cover ($10) but has an open bar. Sadly, the drinks are not very good and they don’t have gin. We weren’t allowed to take photographs there, but I found a picture of the terrace, which looks like a street:

We called it a night at about 2 am. That might seem early, but we started rather early. Four bars in seven hours, I’d say it was a pretty successful night. The final ratings, for anyone who is planning on being in Bogotá anytime time soon, are as follows:

Ashé: comfy atmosphere and cheap drinks  4/5

Bianca: undecided, will have to go there on a busy night

Tribar: good atmosphere 3.5/5

Theatron: big space, good music, terrace, open bar 4/5

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