The pause that refreshes, now with more electrolytes

      Beer and I get along fine, quite well actually, particularly in not-too-hoppy varieties. However I am not a fan of mixing it or dropping things in it: car bombs, sake bombs, whatever bombs no I don’t want one. Which is why the idea of Coke and beer initially struck me as odd and slightly gross. Introducing: Cola & Pola.
I was wrong, it is delicious. There is a soda here called Pony Malt that is…well, a malt soda. It’s sweet, kind of like cream soda, but wheaty and heavier. I like it a lot but it’s not exactly thirst quenching and one can only drink it in small amounts. Unsurprisingly, Cola y Pola has that wheaty goodness because of the beer, but is more drinkable because of the coke. And sometimes Coke is too sweet (although I discovered it isn’t even a coke knock-off, but a variation of that odd champagne soda again) so in this case the beer nicely tones it down.

It only has 2% alcohol, so unsurprisingly it received terrible reviews on BeerAdvocate from people who didn’t realize it isn’t really beer. Although truth be told, the beer it is made from, Poker, is pretty bad. Most of the beer made in Colombia isn’t much to speak of; Poker, and so Cola y Pola, is made by Bavaria, whose plant Manu and I actually live very close to. They also make pretty much all the other main beers: Club Colombia, Aguila, and Costeña.

And so it happens again, I’ve found something odd and distinctly Colombian for me to crave in the states, but at least this people actually make themselves (referred to as refajo). Readers, this one you can try at home, Barvaria says the recipe is 50/50. Should you need encouragement, here is an oddly racy ad from 1996.


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