Recently we got another roommate. Unfortunately he cannot help us pay the rent and he needs special food. Meet our new friend, François Truffaut:

We went to the pound this weekend. Here the pound is called the zoonosis center. It’s rather out of the way in the middle of a barrio called Engativá (near the airport). We went in, the place looked like a slightly nicer version of what you’d expect of a pound, many cages, lots of dogs barking, but also volunteers standing around with prospective adoptees and they offer vaccines and neutering. They showed us to the back where a couple of cages stood with cats in them. We looked around, there were a lot of kitties. Then, in one cage there were about 5 kitties all huddled together. One of the girls working there brought out a beautiful little guy. He was so calm. After a small sum of 25.000 pesos ($13USD) and some nasty parasite medication we were off home. He was really friendly and now almost three days later he’s all kinds of active. He’s only 1 1/2 months old, so he’s rather attached and starts howling as soon as you’re out of sight.

At the zoonosis center they usually bring in cats and dogs when people from a barrio complain about them. Cats don’t have as many rights and whenever they bring in many cats at once they’re sacrificed almost right away. Dogs are more protected and they have to be at the zoonosis center for at least 60 days before they can be sacrificed. There were quite a few people there, hopefully many animals got a home.

We went for breakfast yesterday and decided our kitty needed a name, more specifically a French name due to his little white neck or cravat that makes him look so elegant and sophisticated. We almost named him Degas, but decided that wouldn’t suit him since Degas was pretty antisocial. Then, I remembered the great French director Truffaut, who was also adopted and it stuck. So that’s our story of the weekend.

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