Fruit Friday: Feijoa

Today’s Fruit Friday is one that I had almost forgotten about, the famous Feijoa (feh-eeh-ho-ah). This one was name by a German guy after João da Silva Feijó, a museum director in the 17th century in Brazil. These fruits are little guys, probably the size of a child’s fist. The inside is somewhat soft, here, see for yourself:

According to Wikipedia the feijoa tastes like pinapple and strawberries. The people on Wikipedia have obviously either never tasted a pinapple and strawberries or a feijoa. The feijoa, like most exotic fruits, has an elusive taste. It is somewhere between an aromatic lemon and freshly-cut grass; it then ends in a wintergreen aftertaste. Interesting fact: the aromatic odor is due to Methyl benzoate, an ester that is not only used in perfumes and to attract various species of male orchid bees, but also what cocaine smells like in moist air and thus what sniffing dogs are trained to smell.

To be honest, I had forgotten this fruit until I came across it at a restaurant. Then, making it at home I realized this could as well be my favorite fruit, or maybe I just really like to smell it. It’s not quite clear.

So, the juice turned out green because I like to include the peel with it (it intesifies the smell).

Happy 42nd anniversary of the ATM!

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