Fruit Friday: Zapote!

For those of you who guessed right—my dad—the fruit is indeed the coveted Zapote. This fruit’s home is Nahuas, Mexico. Hence its name comes from the Náhuatl tzapotl. It exists in many varieties, but I only know the south-american one:

It is my favorite fruit of all time. I remember afternoons at my grandma’s house eating zapote, getting my hands all dirty. The taste of the zapote is decieving. It smells like a pumpkin, it feels like mango, but it tastes like heaven. Last time I had this fruit was many years ago, more than 10 probably. It’s still as delicious as I remember.

Not having encountered the zapote except in its natural form, I can’t say much for zapote juice or desserts. I’m sure they’re all delicious though. For those of you who live near Mexico you might encounter the zapote as mamey. For all others you can try finding persimmons, those are in the same family.

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2 Responses to Fruit Friday: Zapote!

  1. Jenn says:

    Ewh, fruit. Glad you can enjoy it, though!
    Someone asked me last night if my Session was cough medicine. I’ve got to find someone (preferably with ID) that actually tastes his/her alcohol. Maybe I shall cultivate a Freshman.
    And, “cute”–I hate using that word but can find no adequate substitute–fruit monster.

    • syd says:

      cough medicine! atrocious. yes you should find someone who appreciates or cultivate one yourself. Make them fetch that beer that “maybe there was an elephant on it? I think it was blue?”

      fruuuuit monsterrrr

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