A Walking Tour

I figured we’d been bombarding you with enough language fun so here are pictures! Pictures of our ‘hood!

The local park. Currently it is “kite season” since it’s windy, so the things are everywhere.

and you probably thought it was in Massachusetts. (why Boston? It’s just full of college kids)

Incase you are not into gambling games, we also have an arcade. This seems to be quite a hangout most of the day. I want a better picture of this place.

The general vicinity. This is the road to the two grocery stores when the mini-marts and fruit stands won’t cut it.

There was a little…fair thing going on for about a week in the grocery store parking lot with assorted vendors, so here are some pictures of that too.

Fruit punch! And a sign that I think is supposed to warn drivers about pedestrians dashing across, but we joke that it looks like the big person is stealing the other one’s bag.

used books = my weakness. even when they are in foreign languages. I only got two, one in particular because it has an excellent cover and I dig little hardbacks. Plus since people are always telling me “you just have to go talk to people to learn!” but I am too introverted (not shy, do you call misanthropes shy?) for that I figure reading is good too. (who am I supposed to descend on anyway? The grocery store clerks are not there for conversing and I’m not going to just mosey up to people on the buseta…)

Local hoodlums beautifying the place. The punishment for graffiti is mainly a beating from the cops—a lot less sever one than most places—so there quite a bit of it, and a lot of is pretty good. Doesn’t mean I don’t have mixed feelings about it, it certainly contributes to the broken window theory feeling, but hey. A local great worth checking out is Stinkfish.

 Better than an ice-cream man, we have a pizza man! I have never actually gotten anything from him, but it always smells delicious on my way home. There is also a place called “Extra Pizza,” which would imply they are giving it away, but sadly I do not think that is the case.

So that was a little walking tour for you. We haven’t been up to much what with school and all, but hopefully we will do exciting things this weekend. (and in case you were wondering, Brazil won the under-20 world cup 3-2 against Portugal, and I did not win the class bet.)


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