Fútbol & Nightlife (or lack thereof)

Yesterday we headed into the center after classes to check out this independent movie screening and other shenanigans. Normally this is something we would not even think of, as the center usually clears out by six and gets unsafe (at least if you want to get home with your wallet and shoes). BUT TONIGHT WAS DIFFRENT.

Because the under-20 world cup finishes up today in Bogotá there are all sorts of events around the city. You think Americans love football? You don’t know South America and soccer (#therealfootball). One of the current city slogans is “BOGOTÁ ES FÚTBOL.” (Bogotá is soccer.) The city has of course also accordingly preped itself for tourists—mainly by putting more cops out. So instead of the deserted danger-land the center usually is, it was bustling with people and vendors and things were still open (mainly the sort of things that sell alcohol). The Transmi was even running 24 hours! Didn’t really see any tourists, but I’m sure they’re somewhere.

So that was a little picture of what the city could be like if it cleaned up a bit, and it was nice. It’s great not having to call for a taxi, since hailing one can be sketchy, and especially not having to pay for one. It’s also better than just staying out all night so you can take public transit in the morning. It’s especially great just being able to walk between places when you get tired of one! (I don’t know if Manu’s safety measures/paranoia are extreme, but I’m not one to argue) Oh well, maybe someday one can roam like in NY. For now I’m just hoping the final score ends Brazil 1 Portugal 0 because that’s what I unknowingly bet on in my class poll. Yeah!


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