Fruit friday: Guanábana

Today’s fruit Friday is a little late, but here nonetheless. Behold!

This is a massive fruit. If we had a cat I would have taken a picture of the cat next to it and the cat (or even a small child) would have been roughly the same size. As you can see the guanábana (or Soursop in English) has a spiky outer skin—but don’t be fooled it’s practically harmless. The inside is quite fleshy… and full of seeds, which if you don’t want to pass the juice through a strainer you’ll have to take out by hand. (and the juice is viscous enough to not like going through a strainer)

Not an enjoyable process, although it does make a lot of juice from just one. Also not a hygienic one if your hands are not clean, so you better trust whoever made your juice. On the street they make it and put it in big clear plastic vats, and it’s sold for a very low price and complimentary diarrhea. Next time you want guanábana juice but are too lazy to make your own, don’t buy it on the street.

I’m not really a big fan of guanábana juice (but Syd is more ok with it, so she’ll be drinking the two pitchers in the fridge), however, it is a very exotic fruit and it would be rather silly to not post about it. To be honest it’s a bit slimy–probably the sop part–for my taste, despite its sour-coconut-y flavor. If you’re really curious to try it despite my discouragement, I suggest looking in your nearest Asian or Hispanic food mart. They usually sell it in white cans.


That concludes this week’s fruit Friday. As the weeks go by the fruits will only get more strange, so stay tuned.

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