Sometimes I Don’t Mind Catholics

       Along with being all about sweets, Colombians also love holidays—any excuse to celebrate really. Combine this with being very Catholic and you get not only the usual Independence Day sort of holidays but also celebrations on days like the Monday nine weeks and a day after Easter Sunday, or “Corpus Christi” of course! They are also nice and spread out; only February, May, and September, have no official holidays.  Twelve out of the eighteen public holidays are religion-related, like today’s festivities for the Assumption of Mary. By “festivities” I mean things are closed (Manu is very irritable about this) and there is no school. I know I only have class two hours a day so I shouldn’t complain, but still, I appreciate the respite (and not having to bike in the evening rush mainly).

Compare this with the mere eleven federal holidays in the US, one of which is only celebrated in Washington D.C. (Inauguration Day), and only one of which is religious—Christmas. There are of course other holidays, but states and specific institutions get to decide how to handle them; like Easter being disguised in spring break, or how California has César Chávez Day. Then there are are more holidays, often of a more commercial nature, but nobody gets Earth Day, Mother’s Day, or Pearl Harbor Remembrance day (Dec. 7th) off. So I guess in the end the US has a fair amount of events as well. The US doesn’t have carnivals or festivals though, but more on those as some approach in winter.

Well I am enjoying the break by making some flashcards. Hopefully your Mondays, wherever you are, have been equally enjoyable.


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One Response to Sometimes I Don’t Mind Catholics

  1. Kerr says:

    Mary was ‘assumed’ into Heaven while Jesus ‘ascended’, because Jesus got there under his own steam. Mary was drawn up by Her Son & His Father… in case anybody is interested in the details of Catholic theology!

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