Fruit Friday: Maracuyá

This week’s fruit is one that most of you have probably heard of: passion fruit. Like the lulo it is one of those fruits that is not too satisfying to eat by itself due to its acidity. Any other way though, it’s quite tasty. On first impression the passion fruit seems rather mundane: a yellow-green color and a size about the same as a grapefruit. When opened it reveals a yellow jelly covering black seeds.

When I make it into juice I have to add sugar, it’s just too sour. If you add the right amount of sugar and water maracuyá juice is a delicacy. This is also one of those juices that is even more delicious in milk, but don’t tell Syd I said that.

There is a dessert my mom made once in a while, a kind of maracuyá mousse which she would spread over Ducales-like crackers and then put in the fridge. When you cut a piece out it looked like a small cake. Yum yum…

Well that’s all for today, have a good weekend.

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