Less but Better

I frequently joke that I am “too big for this country”—because standing on the bus my head is against the ceiling, or because sitting somewhere my knees are up against the seat in front of me—but of course that is not really true. There are people taller than me afoot, there are just few of them and they are almost exclusively male.

Aside these smaller spaces there is also a prevalence of smaller things, at least for those of us accustomed to large America(ns). For example, our fridge is significantly shorter than I, and not much wider. I originally felt like I was playing house when using our stove since it is also rather petite. It does have four burners, but only one pan fits inside and it has to be long-side in. This is not a bad thing though; I am not trying to run an industrial kitchen and these smaller appliances fit in our little kitchen nook. Also since the fridge is not that big, leftovers cannot hide and grow green. (you can get big fridges, but it’s not the norm.) Cars are similarly more compact.

There are also small things like these little mangos you just bite into. All the convenience of an apple but much more delicious. Wonderful.





Another new favorite of mine is Recreos (which means recess, like recreation break not a secret hollow). I got them because they were cheaper than oreos and they turned out to taste even better. They are also (you guessed it) much smaller.

There are plenty of “normal” sized things around too (you can have big sodas or you can have mini 200 cmones), but I enjoy these assorted condensed versions of things. Sometimes you don’t need so much.

(The title of this is shamelessly borrowed from one of Dieter Rams’ design principals, the idea that a product should focus on its essentials and therefore be desirably simpler.)


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