Appreciating the Indoors

Today is has been very rainy (read as: not the usual Portland drizzle—actual thunder and sogginess) so we have been largely indoors. It’s nice though, yesterday was kind of busy and we were out late at a techno shindig so the rest is appreciated.

Good things for rainy days include: movies, reading, and hot chocolate. Look I made you a triptych because I wanted to use the trial version of photoshop 5. (srsly, 5. when did that happen?)

Here you buy hot chocolate in a sort of brick form and you break off chunks for how ever many people you’re making it for (like an oversized chocolate bar). Melt it in a little bit of water, then add milk. Let the milk boil and just as it tries to foam out of the pot turn off the heat. If you want your chocolate thick do this several times. Finally froth it with this stick thing and serve immediately. Mmm.


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