Everything Delivered

While there are of course inconveniences in Bogotá—inconsistent bike lanes, constant construction—such is not the case for home deliveries. Should you be chopping away, preparing an elaborate meal, only to realize you forgot to get onions, no problem! Just call your local market and have them send some over. You need to wrap a present but it’s after ten so you don’t want to walk outside? Call up the papeleria! We even spotted a place that delivers books:

The prevalence of different little shops for everything in every neighborhood, as opposed to big stores some distance away, is probably what makes home deliveries possible since most of the time they aren’t going that far. Within walking distance we have two paper stores (one is also an internet cafe), a few mini-markets, several bakeries, a drugstore, several hardware stores, and lots of other non-deliverable services like hair salons. Awesome. Oh and of course we have a local chinese food place that delivers. They make some of the best fried rice I think I have ever had.


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One Response to Everything Delivered

  1. diyeibroquen says:

    Manuela traduce por favor: Qué chingón este post, hasta ahora mi favorito, la vida de barrio …(suspiro) lo mejor de vivir en Bogotá

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