Snacktime with Syd


Heyo, so I’ve more or less revived, and just in time to tell you about my new snack creation. Because I am kind of a black hole I can frequently be found grazing in our little kitchen. Midday arepa break? Sounds great. Evening scrambled eggs with ketchup? Mmm. It’s not that I don’t eat meals, I think I just have a fast metabolism and need in-between meals. Which just means more opportunities for good food. This brings us to this particular delicacy:


So first you need crackers. Ducales are nice and big, a little buttery, a little salty, and a perfect vehicle for spreads.

Then, acquire some overpriced peanutbutter. We hunted the stuff down at Carrefour, since it’s really a very U.S. thing, and found one disappointingly small jar. It was made in Colombia though, so we can only hope it becomes more popular. Put this on your crackers. (re-reading this has caused me mild internal struggles—is it overpriced, or is everything in the US just subsidized and made through questionable means? probably)

Here’s where we get crazy: whip out some arequipe (dulce de leche) and put this on crackers. Then combine your peanut-butter cracker with your arequipe cracker for salty-sweet sandwich crunchy deliciousness. As you can see above, we found some coconut arequipe and this works equally well if not better (although probably near-impossible to find stateside). Have at it.

and well, if you’re eating crackers, you’ll probably want some milk to go with them.

Most of the milk here comes in smallish bags (which you buy amassed in a larger bag) so that you can get a lot but it stays fresh longer. Initially I found this disconcerting and reminiscent of south LA public school kids who would squirt it at each other, but I have since come around to see the practicality of this. Especially when you have little plastic milk holder things anyway.

What are your favorite snack things that secretly reveal things about the country you are in? Or not, all food thoughts are good.


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5 Responses to Snacktime with Syd

  1. jessi says:

    Kayla just got back from the Netherlands (just in time to never meet you! haha) and brought along this delicious dutch spread called Speculoos. Have you ever tried it? It tastes exactly how you would imagine graham cracker cookies would taste, if someone shoved a whole bunch in their mouth at once, chewed them into a paste, and then spit them back into your mouth. Only without the horrible mental image, or anyone else’s slobber. Really it’s like a little taste of heaven. Don’t hesitate to snatch some up if you ever happen across it in your worldly travels.

    • syd says:

      um, manu and I are thoroughly disgusted with the image of a line of assembly workers spitting into jars, but aside that it sounds wonderful. I love grahm crackers.

      you make it sound like I am going to die and never see you or anyone you know again. I see how it is.

      • jessi says:

        Hahaha prepare for the worst, that’s what I say. Besides, I know you were only visiting so you could sleep on my couch! What excuse do you have now?

        …Hmmm, I wonder if I should have stolen something of yours. Then you’d have to come back to hunt buried treasure with me! bwahaha

    • expwnged says:

      In France they sell Speculoos in cookie form, and they are the most amazing thing ever created. I used to eat them for lunch practically every day.

      • jessi says:

        I’ve heard about these original cookies… But why bother with all the hassle of crunching your own mandibles against each other when you can just buy it pre-chewed in a jar?! :]

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